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Reddish Vale

Get Into Golf

Discovering golf will change your life.

The sooner you discover it the better, and it is never too late! People have been enjoying this sporting pastime for centuries, which presents far more than just a sporting challenge:

  • Excellent exercise will benefit your health.
  • You will meet new companions and begin a new social life.

And of course golf presents an infinite sporting challenge, which can be played and enjoyed by people of all ages and levels of ability, and for the rest of their life.

Lots of people would like to give golf a try, but for whatever reason never get round to it. Some people never get the opportunity, and some are put-off the idea, perhaps ‘having a go’ once at a driving range, without help and without success, very frustrating!

Here to Help

Golf does take a little patience at first as the clubs are quite long and the balls are small! However, it only takes one good shot to discover how rewarding golf is, and feel how that one good shot satisfies the addiction until the next one.

At Reddish Vale Golf Club, we are committed to opening our doors and giving the opportunity of playing golf to any person who shows an interest.

If you would like to give golf a ‘proper go’, come and see Andrew, The Club Professional at Reddish Vale, who teaches golf from the start. Regardless of your age, gender or level of ability Andrew will make sure that you receive the help that will benefit you the most.

He will devise a plan so that you learn the basics of golf such as how to hold the club correctly, and how to play some shorter shots first. Once the basic fundamentals are in place, and you can practice successfully yourself, you will be amazed how quickly things improve.

Andrew offers both individual and group tuition so if you have friends or family who would also like to learn golf, you can learn together.

You do not need to be a club member to begin taking golf lessons and you can contact Andrew by clicking here.


We have a putting green and a practice ground so that you can learn the basics before you take on the golf course when the real fun begins!

Our 18 hole golf course is a beautiful place to spend time, and hidden down in The Vale you will feel a world away from the hustle and bustle of every-day life.

We have welcoming members who act as mentors from the start, accompanying you around the golf course, and helping you with things like etiquette and rulings.

Come and give golf a go! What have you got to lose? Contact me now.