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Reddish Vale

MacKenzie Trail

We have many visitors to Reddish Vale who thoroughly enjoy our great MacKenzie Course and ask if we could suggest other MacKenzie courses to play while they are in the area.

Cheshire and Buxton are ideal locations to play the ‘MacKenzie Trail’: 9 x North-Midland MacKenzie courses within easy travel distances from Reddish Vale Golf Club.

The ‘MacKenzie Trail’ offers 4 x MacKenzie courses within 20 miles (40 mins) of Reddish, 3 x more within 45 miles (60 mins) and 2 x more within 85 miles (100 mins).

20 Miles

Cavendish GC, 19 miles Hazel Grove GC, 7 miles Bramall Park GC, 6 miles Reddish Vale GC, Reddish

45 Miles

Sitwell GC, 45 miles, Bolton Old Links GC, 28 miles Nelson GC, 41 miles

85 Miles

Walsall GC, 79 miles Sutton Coldfield GC, 85 miles

Lots of Opens

74 great value opportunities to play these MacKenzie courses

Cavendish Mackenzie Trail – Open Competitions 2018